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I know the price of healthy food can seem as if it is coming at a cost. Not only are these tips budget-friendly, but they consider the time you spend cooking your meals. You are juggling careers and family. Heck, you might even be working a side hustle. Let’s explore keeping the bills light and the power still on.

Keep it Simple. You will get there with this one concept. Eat the same meal for breakfast or lunch for a week. This not only helps with meal prep, but if your intermittent fasting, this is ideal! You may eat lunch or dinner or breakfast and lunch. Make eggs with peppers or add some cheese. Start to crowd out the cheese in your egg bakes with spinach.

Carbs go to waste! Have you ever seen kids eat carbs? If you’re a mom too, with messy little children, you’ve seen this experiment live in your very own kitchens. Kids eat half of the granola bar or spill endless amounts of cereal, trying to find the charms. You notice as you’re the one picking it up and throwing it in the garbage! They beg for more and more. It seems endless. If you’re trying to minimize your grocery bills and eat healthily, take the sugar away. You will also eliminate your need for more insulin-rising snacks, and you’ll start teaching your kids the right ways to eat food, just by modelling the way. You begin to cherish your $17.00 bag of almonds. Eat consciously and waste consciously.

Greenhouses offer a variety of seasonal vegetables. Where I am from, you can buy peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Most run on an honour system, how cool is that? You bring your coins and spend $20.00 on your weekly vegetables for meals and snacks. And sometimes it’s so easy people forget they exist. Build it into your habits. Learn how to store vegetables in the freezer, so you have them all year. Plus, you support local! How great is that?

Farmer’s Markets are another source where you can shop for cost-effective food. Remember, even at the Farmer’s Market, to keep the ingredients readable. Healthy eating includes at most five elements that you can read and pronounce.  Remember, the best choices are low in sugar. Keep your eyes peeled for whole foods. Whole foods are in the same form as the day they are picked from the ground.

Now let’s take the market out, and you have one more great option. In the Spring, you may be able to purchase beef from farmers. The price varies from $400.00 to $4000.00 Cdn depending on how much of the cow you want to buy. Local co-ops of farmers offer a rate for vegetables and fresh eggs, right off the land for a small fee. You may even score healthy greens for 24 weeks in one of these agreements.

I know helping women impacts the world. You can make a massive change by identifying a need, building relationships with local farms and bring cost-effective food choices back to your community.


Your Soul Connector,  Mindy Lewis


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