Emotional eating

So my Soul Connectors,   This post is about emotional eating.  What happens when you experience a loss or disappointment in your life?  Do you run to the fridge for the first pint of Halo Top, or do you go straight for your favourite salty snacks?

Some helpful tips

  • First, let’s bring in mindfulness.  Remind yourself to stop before you hit the cupboards.
  • Stay in the now.  Breathe, close your eyes.  Feel your feet on the floor, extend the roots through the foundation and imagine them spreading rapidly into the middle of the earth.
  • Focus on the present time.  What is going on for you now?
  • List goals for your future.  How does this food choice fit in with your current goals and values?
  • Focus on what you do have, what you can find and not what is lost.

Gentle reminder and supports

Food isn’t going to bring what you have lost back to you, and it’s a lousy replacement for your loss.  By overeating, you are making a choice – turning to food is not a behaviour that sustains you through your grieving cycle.  Keep in mind, grief comes in many forms, it doesn’t have to apply for a breakup; it can be over-spending on the weekend, problems at work or embedded trauma from your past.

Indulging adds calories and additional problems to your weight loss plan.  Whatever or whoever you’re trying to gain back wants the very best for you!  They are not screaming down from the heavens, shove your face with salty vinegars!  Yes, get me back, you can do it!  Instead, they’re cheering you on, saying, “Heal your soul with leg presses.” Or “Conquer your long endurance goals.” “Help yourself; don’t harm yourself.”

Now, where do you find support with your Food Grief? You may find yourself limited in your social circle to those who don’t care whether you eat three chocolate bars because you’re having trouble in your life. It’s a lonely pity party of one, trust me, I’ve been there too.

I’m here to connect and heal on a soul level as a Trauma-Based Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I’m perfectly placed in this time of your life, to listen and make a plan with you. You” heal from a soul level in 12 areas of your life that impact nutrition and fitness. Click here to sign up now!


Your Soul Connector,  Mindy Lewis


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