Becoming more anti-social is a downer (maybe)

There are some things I love about COVID-19. I get to be home with my family, work remotely, save money and find more things to do from my property. The pandemic has allowed for more time to be creative, learn new things and grow relationships.  It hits almost 8 out of 12 of my needs. But…it’s missing the stuff (the meat, of what keeps some of my sanity) I want to confess, I’ve lost track of my self-care routines.  It’s such a stark contrast from life five months ago. Its taken away from the time I’d spend in the gym and time I’d spend alone getting my hair done, shopping, eating lunch with my friends, chatting with my co-workers, talking to strangers, all things that give me a laugh or fill my soul each day whether I noticed it then or not. 

I could use some social tolerance; you know build-up or practice around speaking to the human race again.  I took for granted people with me non-stop, and convo’s naturally flowed at work, in the gym and the world in general. Lately, its been touch and go with others. I’ve made a complete butt of myself because I’m not used to speaking with people beyond the computer or phone. Is it just me? (Gosh, I hope not).  For those of us (like me) who spend excessive time at home, please be patient with yourself. You have high expectations for yourself because we are generally extroverted folks, and people loved inviting us out. 

Our anxiety is ramped up right now. We don’t have to social distance with our furniture or members of our household unit. We don’t know how to talk to people sober, let alone copious amounts of alcohol. Or little bits of drink, we only ask for your forgiveness. So as the world opens up slowly, open yourself up at the same pace. Give yourself time to get your words out, figure out how to dress appropriately for different situations, and extra mileage to be comfortable around others again. 

You’ve been home reading the news, balancing work routines, lacking childcare, and everything else the pandemic created for women to overcome. Typically, under our “angel wings” are careers, relationships, children, housework, shopping, cooking, and managing family health. Now, we are steering the ship with what we saved from our old lives into the “new normal.”  Wow! Pat yourself on the freaking back! You’re amazing, a beautiful woman who figured it out. 

Bring out your attitude of gratitude!

Thank others who have helped you get this far and take five minutes to write down what you’ve loved and endured through COVID-19. Reflect on this time and set goals-you’d like to do to take care of yourself starting today. How can you add more joy to your life at this time?  Let’s get your soul aligned with your goals.  Making sure your goals match your values. Make time for the things you love doing. My energy and time flow when writing and creating. It’s helpful for me to pick topics I love or challenges I’ve been facing to get lost in my words.   My gym opens tomorrow. I’m excited to be lifting weights. 

Self-Care is Essential for Well-Being

Here’s a quick exercise you can do to reflect on how you can add or bring in more of the things you love as part of your self-care.  Take out a piece of paper and a pen or pull out your journal.

  • What are you excited to be doing? 
  • List activities you love where time passes quickly. 
  • How have you been coping with COVID-19?
  • Describe the activities you appreciate more and look forward to getting back too.

I’ll share some pointers, for self- care to improve your health and wellness.

Try automatic writing. You need a quiet (as close to silence as you get in your home) place where you have a pen and paper handy. Take a few deep breaths and focus on what you would like guidance on. You listen to your soul or a higher power, tell you what you need in your life write now. Let the words flow. Your eyes may be closed or open. The words may appear jumbled on the page, but it gives you 10-15 minutes to really help yourself with kind words, affirmations and receive tips for your current life right now. 

Exercise. We’ve all heard this before but going for a walk, run, yoga or any physical activity you really enjoy is important for your self-care routine at this time. We often need to remind ourselves that movement/fitness is critical to both our mental and physical health. We all have both!

Eating properly. Feeding ourselves with nourishing food that our body reacts to welcomingly and provides energy to our mind, body and soul is imperative. If you’re struggling with certain foods, now is a good time to keep a food diary and crowd out the foods causing you a reaction. It’s a slower-paced time that allows you to research what works well for you and what you can leave on the shelf next time you’re in the grocery store.

Journal. I mentioned the journal above with writing out your thoughts, feelings, or simply experiencing and recording your health and wellness journey. You can make videos, record on a pen with paper or add to an app in your phone. Expressing gratitude is also a mindfulness activity that allows you to process information and forgive others, especially yourself for the past day and clear your head for bed.

Sleep. It’s so often forgotten in a busy world where social constructs exist that sleeping is for the lazy. If you need to nap at lunch to refresh, try it! If you find you sleep for 6 hours a night and want to sleep for seven, maybe even eight hours, do it! It reduces cravings for sugar, refreshes your mind, gives you energy for physical activity, the list goes on with the health benefits.

Say No. Seriously, wow! I know, you’re busy climbing your invisible corporate ladder or you want to be a champ to your team, but you need to say no. (I’ve been there)   Especially when you’ve said yes recently, and it has completely exhausted you. Make sure you are in tune with yourself. Only add activities to your jam-packed COVID-19 accelerated list of tasks that bring purpose or contentment to you. 

You can even delegate. Here is a leadership strategy right now. Some women like the control they have overall the responsibilities they have. But you can cut your to-do list by giving it to someone else to do. Let it go for the love of those around you. Give the item that needs to be completed to someone else or automate it. I love this tip. At work, use systems in place to do your work or find a google extension to automate your notes. There are people in your workplace or in your home who would love the opportunity to learn especially if you’re typically the expert over all these things on your to-do list. Allow them to build their skills in this area and add to their resume. This goes the same for at home with a spouse or partner, who’s sick of hearing how you do everything

Yoga. I love “Yoga Nidra”, it’s good for beginners and you can do this position laying down. You can listen to relaxation tips as you lay in your bed or on your lushly carpeted floor whichever you prefer. You can find yoga in apps or on YouTube. Also, classes like “Gentle Yoga” offers poses that help you stretch out pains and relax or relish in your joy. The best sleep I’ve ever had is after a “Gentle Yoga” session. Check out the app Gaia for videos on “Yoga Nidra”.

Take care.

Your Soul Connector,  Mindy Lewis


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