Here we go, it’s finally opening 

The world slowly is allowing us to re-enter.  Are you telling yourself there is no excuse now?  You had three months off, holding yourself and your family close while you waited in your home monitoring each day of the pandemic played out.  Me too. I didn’t do anything outside at all. Each moment that passed, I relished blocking everything out.  It got so good that I ordered my groceries, and I skipped the home workouts off my list. The truth is, I’ve never been great at working out in the living room with no equipment on the stiff vinyl flooring, and I don’t like grocery shopping.  Plus, I can fool Shaun T, like no one’s business from home. So on July 6, my gym opened.  I did wait in anticipation as this may get me out of the house each day.  I started my six-week program and am so fixated on getting back into the shape I was pre-pandemic.  I never set out to fail this achievement.  But I did set out with fear of getting back to running.

Use fear of failure as a challenge

Why? Because running was hurting my knees. I didn’t need a facility to open, to do what I love. I could’ve done it every day during the lockdown, as I like to run outside.  This year something was off. My knees hurt.  Last year, I didn’t have this problem.  Automatic F for Failure.  Last year I could run 10 km for a challenge or something fun to do. Enter stage left, cue the self-defeating thoughts and here comes a stall in my running.  Here is an F for Fear of Pain. Each day to beat the fear, I started to visualize myself running. I imagined myself trying to run.  I begin to say I have to run. This is my thing.  You can’t possibly be as healthy if you don’t run.  You need to lift weights and run.  This is what keeps you aligned physically as a healthy person.

Use fear to overcome obstacles

So I began to start again, expecting to get an F on my report card for endurance. The thought in my head is, this is knee pain? No, check.  I start to learn all the thoughts that I tell myself when I run.  My brain started charging into what was keeping me going last year.  Work through this pain in your legs.  At 3kms, you will be on a high, and you’ll be unstoppable. Secretly, I wear sunglasses where I can close my eyes and enjoy battling my thoughts.  I listen to my favourite music and carry myself down the pavement telling myself I can breathe. I kick off with my heels, I slow down, I speed up, and suddenly my thoughts are filled with possibilities instead of limitations.  Hallelujah! It’s a damn breakthrough.

Use fear to appreciate your achievement

This is why it’s good to work out for your mental health; because you learn how to talk yourself through the faux.  You learn to push yourself further.  Achievement is a way for your body to start learning what you can do and to crowd out those negative, self-defeating thoughts. It’s also a great way to earn confidence. When you need to adapt to your goals, you learn new ways and the skills you have inside to achieve them. It also lets you help others who are struggling with the same mistakes.  Yes, it’s completely normal to have fear. And in the anxiety, no matter what we’re doing, there will be a synchronicity with other people struggling with fear at the same time as you. All people get stuck in this place for fear of failure.  It stops us as humans from putting ourselves out there.  Using ourselves as the evidence in our theories about how we will engage or better yet succeed in this world.  Read that again.

Use fear to create a vision of what can be

Now create a hypothesis.  Your name will find a date by using these three channels to find prospects, and the outcome will be two dates a week for the next three weeks.  If you’re still struggling with this right now, then you’re in the right place to figure out what you love to do and get started.  Now use that fear and start visualizing your future. Start setting goals, small attainable goals to get to you where you want to be.  Put yourself out there with some variables to see that the results are achievable.  Your achievements will bring you confidence.  Accomplishing applying for a specific amount of jobs each week or landing a job interview, you’re confidence will soar through trial and error.  Or eating more salads and drinking more water. You are moving forward now with purpose and intention.  You add value to yourself, and in these pushes, you start to tell yourself I can.  You are now testing your limits. How great is that?  And you will soon realize the only person who gave you those restrictions was yourself, and you’re full of it.  Now isn’t that fascinating?  Under all those negative emotions, you challenged yourself, and you found your soul?  Confidence flourishes from your being when you achieve new goals!  Whenever you find yourself stuck, you don’t know how to move forward. Re-frame your thoughts to what you do know. Here are five questions you can answer with the tools of what you do know.

  1. What works for you?
  2. List the skills you have to make your dreams come true.
  3. What is your number one health goal you want to achieve?
  4. What happens when you put yourself out there?
  5. How do you put yourself out there in other situations so quickly that you can apply to achieve this new health goal?

Encouragement  to face your fears

Now is the best time to face your challenges, and know that most of the world is doing it with you. You are going into a “new” normal. How are you going to set goals to meet your health needs this year? Describe the difference in your health this time in 2021?

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Your Soul Connector,  Mindy Lewis